Hospital Kits

If you have ever gone for a medical procedure where you’ve had to remove your personal hearing devices, you know how difficult it is to communicate with the medical staff. HLAA-WI has assembled special “Hospital Kits” that can be helpful in these situations.

The kits include information that helps staff know how to communicate with you.  Kits include a variety of materials that will identify your unique needs. There’s an ID card, stickers that can be placed on your ID bracelets and charts, information on your rights as a patient with a hearing loss/disability as well as a Help Me Hear button. Hearing aids can easily be lost in a hospital setting when they are not being worn. The kits also include a bag to hold your hearing personal devices when you are not using them. A pad of paper and a pen are included along with other materials that will assist with non-verbal communication, if necessary. Having a hospital kit to use when and if needed will give you peace of mind. They are available for $5, and give you the piece of mind knowing you are prepared for your next hospital visit. Get one now; don’t wait until you need it! Kits are available at HLAA meetings and events.

Digital Hospital Kits

​Items You May Consider Adding to Your Kit:

    • A small Ziploc bag with a note indicating it is for your processor(s). Include a safety pin to keep the bag attached to you when processors or hearing aids are removed.
    • A button that says “Please Face Me” to indicate your need for eye contact and/or speechreading.
    • A small notebook and pen for writing short notes back and forth.

​Downloadable/Printable Resources

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